21. Juni 2015

Ahlan! Magazine

Finding the right shade of your foundation is the most important basic for your daily make up, either it makes you look amazing or like you are wearing a mask! It can be quite challenging to find the right shade, but with the following tips this will no longer be a problem. Don't forget that your skin tone changes from time to time so after you return all sun kissed after a fabulous holiday you need to adjust the foundation accordingly ;-)
1. When you are in a department store ask for three different shades. Use a yellow-base as well as a pink-base. Get a mirror and go out in the sunlight so that the shades really
show. It might be along way outside in a big mall but it`s all worth it!)
2. Apply the different shades on the lower site of your cheek with your fingers like small stripes so they're easy to compare.
3. Choose the one you can almost not see any more and apply to the forehead and the rest of the face. Don't forget your neck and if your chest is visible this also has to be done, bearing in mind that this area might be lighter as it doesn`t see the sun that often.
4.Check again that your skin looks natural and flawless. If the answer is 'yes'; Congratulations, you've found the right foundation!
Expert tip: Once you've found your perfect shade also get it in a slightly darker shade. This way you will be able to mix your perfect shade whenever your skin tone might have changed a bit :-) My favourite foundation at the moment is Skin Foundation SPF 15 from Bobbi Brown. I hope you found this helpful.
Bye for now! Love, Jenny x

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