21. Juni 2015

Foundation - Finding the perfect shade

beauty production
photographer: juliahoepfner.de
make-up & hair: jennyschoenmann.com  beauty-doha.com

The most important thing for your beautiful look is using the perfect foundation for your skin.

It should not be a heavy or artificial base for the rest of your make up.  Your best foundation will look like a professional applied it and it will be perfectly matched to your skin tone.  Your skin will be smooth and flawless and you will not even see that there is make-up on your face....it should look invisible.  Finding the right foundation takes time and you should experiment and try different brands, textures and tones.

In Doha you can find a lot of make-up stores with really good professional brands, however the stores don't provide the proper day light that you need to see if it is a match for you. Ask for a few samples and apply it to your face when you can view it in the sunlight. I always prefer to have foundation without perfume and preservatives like Kryolan. You can find it at Hyatt Plaza.
Remember: Don`t use your foundation when it is older than one year. Keep it in the fridge so it will last in this desert heat...

Have fun and be experimental,
Show how beautiful you are!

Sincerely yours,

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